Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Bloggaversary to Me!

Last year, while I was sitting in my student teaching class room and should have been observing and learning from my cooperating teacher, I made my very first entry on this blog. In the year since then, I have blossomed as a blogger, and with my direction and purpose clear, I foresee great strides in the year to come.

[Scoff] That's a total lie.

This thing is as scattered and schizophrenic as ever (like its writer), and it's going to stay that way. With a mix of family fondness, teacher tales, and fumbling reflections on faith, I will never have a solid audience, except my parents and their siblings.

And doggone it, I'm okay with that.

A smattering of some of the high points from this last year:
Heartstrings, pt 1 (on my leaving college and going to mission)
A View (explaining this weird-o blog title)
Heartstrings, pt 2 (on leaving my family to be a big girl)
Into the Deep (when this whole thing became "real, whatever that means)
A Day in the Life (monotony is funny when you only read one day's worth of it)
Mildly Inappropriate Convent Humor (still probably the funniest thing all year)
Officially Addicted (my first teacher Christmas)
A Falling Out (when words abandoned me)
Talking to an Affectionate Wall (the density and cuteness of sixth graders)
The 2007 Retrospective
Killing Time (a theophany at a cold wet bus stop)
Why This is Worth It (and it so is)


The Bantering Bookworm said...

Congratulations and happy bloggaversary!

Paul Cat said...

Happy Bloggaversary! PS. MArk Shea linked to you.