Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogging Gives Way to Responsibility

This may be a first.

Archbishop Gomez is coming to our school to say mass tomorrow. Big deal? Yes. As I'd like to be awake for it and find myself inexplicably* exhausted again, I'm quitting early.

*Not really accurate. Following yesterday's busy day, today was nearly as zany, and I'm extra toast. Tonight we went to the Chrism mass at the cathedral (of which I took a bajillion photos, which you will see later). I've been going to the Chrism mass for whatever diocese I'm in at the moment for years, but thanks to my association with the sisters this year I got to help bottle and package the oils. It was, in a nerdy Catholic sort of way, really awesome.

Plus, my hands are saturated in chrism, which is even better. Have you ever really inhaled that stuff? It's delicious. Next time you go to a (Catholic) baptism, sniff the baby afterwards. Seriously. The head, mind you, not the other end.

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