Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Horrible, Awful, Terrible, No-Good, Failure of a Daughter.

That's me.

For the second year in a row, because I was caught up in a flurry of activity and the fact that it's March snuck up on me, I forgot my parents' anniversary.

Allow me to publicly flog myself before I put on sack cloth and ash and wail.

Really, it's their fault for getting married on the first of the month. I have no warning that their anniversary is coming. All of a sudden it's March and it takes me at least three days to switch mental gears. I can't be held accountable for missing any important annual events on the first, second, or third or any month.

...Only I can.

Happy anniversary to my wonderful, awesome, slightly-mental parents!

My dad's tribute to my mom:


**And for the record, I did at least remember this before I checked my e-mail and saw the above tribute in my in-box. When it was already past midnight in Maryland. See post title.

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Mama said...

LOL Hello Horrible, Awful, Terrible, No-Good, Failure of a Daughter,

We'll still keep you. MUAH