Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayers, Please

(To all of you out there who aren't family)

My Aunt FiFi (thus christened by a speech-neophyte Noona many years ago) could use your prayers, please. The details communicated to me were fuzzy, but from what I understand, she was teaching class today when she suddenly could not find words -- meaning could not speak -- and felt as though she were in a tunnel. Then she passed out. Doctors suspected she'd had a stroke, did some tests, and found nothing. At present she's awake and talking and more or less fine, but more tests will be done to figure out what happened.

Remember her and lift her up. Thank you!

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Dad said...

Happy to report they found NOTHING. She is home and getting ready to go to Chicago. Go figure! Her twin sister is still very concerned. And one correction from my original report, she wasn't teaching, she was taling to a fellow teacher while pulling lunch duty. Rumor has it she had this "episode" to get out of doing that.