Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Catholic Blog Award Results

Here's how I came out in the various categories some kind person nominated me. I was pretty sure I'd stay at two votes (me and my parents) in everything, but evidently some of my Dear Readers are either out to boost my ego or don't read many Catholic blogs.

I kid. I shouldn't insult my Dear Readership, who apparently appreciate whatever it is I do here enough to take the time to vote for me. I appreciate it, I'm humbled, and I'm so glad this wee little thing is beneficial enough to you to even book mark, never mind vote for. Thank you!

Best Designed: 10 votes (winner: New Liturgical Movement, 210)
Best Individual Blog: 8 votes (winner: What Does the Prayer Really Say?, 154)
Best New Blog: 8 votes (winner: Creative Minority Report, 56)
Best Overall: 7 votes (winner: WDTPRS?, 170)
Best Written: 9 votes (winner: WDTPRS?, 145 -- In other words, Fr. Z owns the Catholic blogosphere)
Funniest: 8 votes (winner: the Curt Jester, 170)

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to those of you who voted, and to everyone who reads this regularly. Now go comment on something!

Full results here.

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