Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brushes With Fame

This past week was the high point of my blogging "career".
  • On Monday, one of my blogging heroes/role models, Mark Shea, linked to me. Be still my heart!
  • Thanks to that, I reached an all time high for visitors in a single day (about twice the previous record).
  • On Thursday, my other blogging hero/role model, Julie D. the Happy Catholic, commented. I'm not worthy!
  • And yesterday, someone from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, visited my site.

I first heard of Kill Devil Hills on the Weather Channel during coverage of some hurricane, I think when I was a wee college freshman. From the moment that name floated to my ears, I have been hell-bent on eventually visiting. My mania is driven entirely by the fact that Kill Devil Hills is the coolest possible name for any town, ever.

In other news, like my "coverage" of the Religious Ed Congress, further details about Gratitude Day and my first trip to Mexico will be delayed until I get my act together. I'm not a very good juggler, I'm afraid.

1 comment:

Julie D. said...

I know how you feel ... just seeing my name mentioned in the same post with the fantabulous Mark Shea makes me feel giddy! :-D