Sunday, March 9, 2008

Very Sweet, and Very Strange

And I'm not talking about my sister.

Dad sent me this video. The story is this woman found the lion when it was near death, nursed it back to health, then turned it over to the local zoo. This was the lion's reaction when he saw her again.

I would like to know how a woman in Colombia happened to stumble across a lion.


Dad said...

They showed the story in Colombian television, doesn't mean it happened in Colombia. Otherwise, on might surmise that the news story about a huge riot/brawl I saw on American TV today happened here. It was actually in... Colombia.

BTW, everyone please note there is no "u" in "Colombia".

Dad said...

I sit corrected. First of all, it should be ON Colombian television, not in (I still have difficulty with those two words). Secondly, the clip is not from Colombian TV at all. They do say the woman is in Cali (CaleƱas, BTW, are like flowers, dressed in a thousand colors). I certainly don't know what an African lion is doing in Colombia. Could be as simple as some stinkin' drug lord having it as a pet, then getting rid of it. Or the lion escaped. Only its hairdresser knows.