Sunday, January 13, 2008

My 2007 Retrospective

When Dad did his year in review, he carefully strung images and music together and added titles and effects to produce a lovely, relaxed, balanced, enjoyable piece. Well done, Dad.

Me? Due to my utter lack of good-decision-making ability and the ludicrous volume of pictures I took in 2007, I opted to go for complete sensory overload.

Here, in 362 pictures, is my year.


mandy said...

you so shouldve gone for 365... just for the added irony.

Erin said...

"There hasn't been a year yet in my life that wasn't better than the one before it."

-Brian Graefnitz

Is Brian your hero yet? 'Cause he's kind of amazing. I wanna go visit the Graefnitzs and play forehead soccer in their backyard.

Actually, knowing Laura, that could be a bit dangerous.

Andie said...

Mandinator - You know, I thought about it, but it just didn't feel right. The spirit of glorified slide show production stayed my hand.

Er-head - Yet? He's BEEN my hero, along with a few other mazing people. And if you go, I will totally come along and nurse your skull fracture.

Anonymous said...

my head a'splode!

well done Wilson, even if in like 0.4% of the pictures and the narcisist in me is peeved about that :)

Romey said...

That was awesome Andie! What did you use to create that?

Andie said...

Thanks, Jer! 'Twas a labor of love in thanks for a pretty awesome year.

I used plain the ol' Windows Movie Maker that comes with Vista (not the basic edition, I hear). So far as I can tell it's exactly the same as WMM on XP, but my new machine has the processing power to handle actually rendering movies, which means I will be wasting a lot more time making movies. :)

The first chunk of pictures were taken with my old Canon PowerShot A550, which I killed sometime around April. Most of the pictures from graduation on were taken with a PowerShot SD1000, except for a few from the summer I stole from my cousin. I used Picasa to fool with lighting and such.

(Yes: Blogger, Picasa, GMail. Google pretty much owns me.)

Liz said...

Seriously though, as seen by the slideshow of amazingness I just witnessed and Mark's apparent griping in the next post...we've spent all of like a week together in our entire existence...that's something special in itself.