Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cousin!

This is the original Miss C., at least as far as our tier on the family tree is concerned. She also happens to be my soul mate. She's like the sister I always had... who lived somewhere between and eight hour drive and an eight hour flight away. She's my partner in crime, comrade in insanity, and purveyor of all things awesome. As of today, this planet has been graced with her presence for 25 years.

We will not touch upon how weird it is to me that the main character in my childhood is now a quarter of a century old. That would be selfish.

Lima, Peru, July 2001

Ana and I have brought madness, soundtracks, an utter absence of logic, and high-quality, type-written, pre-pubescent smut to most of the United States and parts of South America, including one median, one balcony, one castle, and one hovel. We're just that awesome.

Well, Ana is that awesome. I mostly try to emulate her.

Sea World San Diego, July 2007

Happy and blessed birthday to my oldest and bestest friend!


Anonymous said...

Andie. Prima. Cousin. LC. Anders. Andie Cakes. Soul Sista! I really truly do not know where I would be without you! You were my first sister! (In spirit)! And so many things I did, so many things I chose to do and not do in life were influenced by you. Would I do something to make you proud, or something to make you not so proud? And, so my life, has always been guided by my family, especially you, my bestest of friends. Our golden summer, our silver summer, our bronze summer...and so many summers in between that we have spent together have been the bestest in my LOOOOOONG and EXCRUCIATINGLY DRAWN OUT LIFE!!! If anything it was I that was blessed on the day you were born and we became the fastest of friends. Smurf bike stealer and all...JK! But really, phew, our much that I could talk about...but I won't for the sake of your comment readers, haha! I love you times one billion! And darned if I aren't driving to San Antonio sometime this year (while you're still there of course!!!) to see you! I was in Pasadena last nite with some friends, looking for some action (lol) aanndd, I kept remembering my excursion all the way out there to see you in November! Feels like forever ago...and darn, now your comment is ginourmously long. Txt me your adress again, si? I'm going to Goggle Map it right now, and plop the directions in my glove when the mood strikes me, or you need me, I'll drive there asap! <3

Anonymous said...

P.S. [[teehee]] That first picture looks HEE-dious! Was that in-n-out after San Diego? Or in November? lol...looks like In-N-Out. Second picture, wtheck? Looks like I have a club foot?! Was that post-cast, or pre-cast...hmm, no remember...but LOVE that summer...silver was great! Third picture...jeez, we are so lame...I love us!!! BTW...I shall be making those shirts asap..."Ana and Andie..." Words can't much I truly love you LC!!!!

Andie said...

Uuuummmmm... way to make me cry right before dinner, punk!

Address is forthcoming.