Friday, January 4, 2008

Jescenia (and Fish)

Asherton, TX, June 2007

I was doing alright with the one picture a day thing, and then I went back to, you know, responsibility (which, as I almost always am when I blog, I am presently shirking). I guess we'll shoot for "once in a while", as we do most things on this blog... slash in my life.

The next "crop" of VIDES volunteers is here for their formation before they venture forth to save the world (in a manner of speaking). It's delightful having them, primarily because they themselves are delightful, and secondarily because it's nice to be able to have someone respond when I quote words to rap songs. Surprisingly, the sisters don't do that much.

Today was the first day of their mission, putting on a mini vacation Bible school for the kids of a nearby apartment complex. They did a fantastic job today. The aforementioned delightfulness evidently extends beyond their senses of humor.

This photo is of one of my favorite girls from our training camp in Asherton this summer. She was cute and sweet and a little mischievous.

Sound familiar?

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