Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Other House and Wilson

Mark has been griping about the disproportionately small number of pictures of him that ended up in the retrospective. This is first and foremost another proof of the fact that, despite his perennial lumberjack beard, he is actually a small child.

However, I noted the same thing. Considering his high status in the people-whose-calls-I-return pecking order and how much time we spent together last year, there really should be more pictures of him/us. Why aren't there? Probably for the same reason there aren't more rational people walking the streets: the world is imperfect. So, to kinda make up for it, today's sorta-daily photo is this gem from a salsa night at the end of 2006 (hence why it wasn't in the 2007 montage), which definitely ranks in my top ten favorite pictures from all of college.

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Bec said...

i love that picture. :)