Friday, March 9, 2007

Another Blog, Andie? Really?

As I am both an actual Peruvian and an honorary Southerner, my kin folk are many, varied, and scattered. As I am also blessed to have met hoards of wonderful people from all over the continent (and beyond) over time, and especially over the course of my college career, my friends are also many, varied, and scattered. As I am a soul with a predilection to meandering, my thoughts, too, are many, varied, and scattered.

The influence of all these factors, coupled with an admitted dash of vanity and weariness with my previous blog host, brought me to the clear and inevitable conclusion that three blogs is not enough and I need one more. That, and Google is slowly taking over my life, having provided me my internet browser, photo management software, on-line document safe-keeping, e-mail, and personalized home page. I might as well let it take over my blog life and put all my internet eggs in one primary-colored basket.

Anyway, this is meant to serve more or less the same purpose as my Xanga (; that being, keeping my adoring family and friends up to date on my life. The difference is that Blogger looks to be more user friendly and less teeny-bopper (in other words, I'm too cool for Xanga). Plus, Blogger allows anyone to leave comments on my posts rather than just registered members of Blogger, which I think is pretty sweet.

This particular moment, I'm actually at school "observing" and "planning" for my class at the end of the day. As much as I enjoy dancing on the line between "time management" and "destructive procrastination", I've been irresponsible enough for the week. Back to watching my 10th generals prep for state testing next week (rant on that soon to come, I'm sure).

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