Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting Comfortable

I gave my sophomores a unit test on Lord of the Flies this week. The first question was a "gimme", as much because I hate writing true/false and multiple choice as because I wanted them to have a giggle and a stress-easer to start off. Said question was:

Miss C. is a snappy dresser.True

with an option to write in the correct answer if the statement was false. The best responses so far:

A mess of "true", circled and underlined and adorned with exclamation points, smiley faces, and hearts.

  • Miss C is a sophisticated dresser.
  • Miss C. is a VERY snappy dresser
  • Miss C. isn't just a snappy dresser. She is a goddess of style.
  • I don't think she snaps on her clothes.
  • She is a snappy and FABULOUS dresser (smiley face).
  • On the forizzles. Miss C. is a great teacher, a snappy dresser, has a great personality and needs to see 300.

Some of the kids in those two classes drive me utterly bonkers, but they're so funny and pretty darned bright once I get them to sit down and be quiet. They're quite darling, really. Either that, or I'm a sucker.

Spring break starts at 2:25 today. I got roped into staying late for a girl to make up the above mentioned test (I know, comes with the territory), but then I'm out like a phantom to see Erin's last undergrad show in Lock Haven, PA. I'm home Tuesday night after class (A.I. High is on spring break, but U of D is not) to bask in the glory of my blood line.

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