Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well, my word...

This is my 101th post! Being an infinitesimal speck in the blogosphere, I get excited by these little milestones. So, in an exercise of pure self-adulation, here's a round up of some of my favorite posts from the last 100, over the last six months or so.

Being Old (on the occasion of my 22nd birthday)
My Reputation, Apparently (on my students, their perception of me, and their hilarity)
A Paradox (pre-graduation introspection and idealistic pondering)
Why I Love My Friend Erin (on embarrassing friends and strangers in New York)
Heartstrings, pt 1 (on the occasion of my departure from college life)
A View, or Why I Picked This Weird Blog Title (by way of explanation)
Fledgling, or Heartstrings pt 2 (on the occasion of my departure from home)
Into the Deep (on the occasion of taking this mission business seriously)
Mildly Inappropriate Convent Humor (because it still cracks me up)

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