Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Reputation, Apparently

Reported to me by a student and later corroborated by my fellow student teacher:

KG: Miss Palmer [afore mentioned cohort], can I stay this period to finish my story [for journalism class]?
Miss Palmer: Who do you have this period?
KG: Miss C.
Miss Palmer: Oh, I don't know. You better ask her, Miss C. is hard-core.
KG: Oh my gosh, I know!

...Well, alright!


And then there's this:

Me: J, why are you so antagonistic towards him?
JE: Why ya gotta use big English words on us?
Me: Because I'm a big English teacher.
JE: You're not big. You're actually quite slender, if I do say so.
Me: (Pause) Thanks...?

The same student in the same study hall as the DS/bribery incident. I also have him for class. He's one of the more... challenging children.

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