Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Post is a Trifecta*

June 2003

Theater was arguably the highlight of high school. I've never had the nostalgia to go back to high school, but I certainly enjoyed (most of it), mostly because of my gradual discovery of the wonders of the English language, photography's weaving into the fabric of my life, and the fun and folly of theater.

All three of those things are combined in this little post, making it in one sense the perfect post. I think that's pretty remarkable. Maybe tomorrow we'll do a college trifecta post, which would be something along the lines of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. With salsa dancing in there somewhere.

*I realize this is not an entirely correct use of the word "trifecta", but it is a colloquial usage increasingly common among my peers. I'm comfortable with this usage because this is how language evolves in the first place: a group of people decide to use a word for something somewhat different than what it has been used for before. See "wonder of the English language" above

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