Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sympathy for Baby Cows and Cow Boys

I have been to my first rodeo, and just as I expected, it was pretty awesome.

"Pretty awesome". Just let that sink in. My artistry with words is just too much to take in all at once sometimes, I know.

What surprised me and impressed me was how fast these events happen. Some are timed then judged, and the riders have that famous eight seconds to show what they're made of. If they slip -- well, too bad. Likewise, some events happen as fast as the cowboys can make them happen, and for a lot of those eight seconds is a lot, so one teeny mistake means you're out of the running. I felt kinds bad for the guys who slipped up.

I liked the rodeo. I like that it's about bringing your "A game" and putting forth 100%. There's no holding anything in reserve. It's eight seconds to make or break you (or a bone).

I also felt kinda bad for the baby cows, but they all skipped off pretty happily at the end.

I confess, as an Air Force brat, and simply as an American, I enjoyed the unbridled patriotism. As a rabid Catholic, I liked that it started with a prayer. I can't think of the last non-church public event I went to that had that.

I also liked that it reinforced for me that I am, indeed, in Texas, which is the only place on earth I think you would find this:

Yes, folks, that bathroom sign is wearing a cowboy hat and spurs. Amazing? I think so.

Semi-seriously, the rodeo was better than I expected. One ticket got us onto the grounds (which had all the fun, food, and fanciful shows of a state fair with fewer screaming children), into the three hour rodeo, and the concert following. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Family: move here, and we can go next year. Hint...

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