Monday, February 11, 2008

A Question on the Difference Between "Miss" and "Ms." Lead to This

Student 1: So you're not married.
Me: Right.
Student 1: And you've never been married either.
Me: Ri--
Student 2: Of course not, stupid, she's never even had a boyfriend.
Me: (Quite taken aback) Um... excuse me?
Student 2: What, you have?
Student 3: Of course, dummy, she's a grown up. When, Miss?
Student 2: (With great disdain) When she was a senior in high school, probably. Or in college.
Me: (Gestures to suggest she's totally mental) [Student 2's name]... wha... huh?
Student 2: Well, Miss, you live with nuns. And you're too nice.
Me: Are you saying I have to be a jerk to have a boy friend?
Student 2: (shrug)

...So that's my problem!

Seriously, I haven't the vaguest idea what to make of that.


Chris Lund said...

Hilarious. Do you ever feel like Bill Cosby when talking to a bunch of kids about stuff? Is that just me?

Ok... yeah.

You have to be a jerk to snag a significant other quickly. You're just on the long path to quality. Which in your case just happens to involve living with nuns.

Paul Cat said...

Andie, we can spread that rumor up here in DE if you want?

Andie said...

Which one? The one where I'm too nice to have a boyfriend? Go right ahead, my reputation can use all the help it can get!

Markdor the Bloginator said...

psh, Andie we all know you don't have a boyfriend because you are secretly pining for me...or at least my mom knows that.