Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stephen Colbert + Kooky Academic

...equals a rollicking good time and a nice "Heck yes, Stephen Colbert!" at the end.

One nasty work, bleeped (and well played, I do think).

My admiration of Mr. Colbert grows.

**UPDATE** Viacom has, it appears, pulled down the above video. Someone else put this one up. It's just the end, but that's the best part anyway.


Dad said...

The end caught me off guard. My head exploded.

mandy said...

that last line made my life.
[well... at least my day... ;)]

Chris Lund said...

Wow... I was totally expecting the usual Stephen Colbert interview (where it's funny because he interviews his guests like a right-wing nut), but I feel like he actually dropped character at the end there and legit theologically owned that kooky academic...