Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fish Face!

Today is my baby sister's 10th birthday*.

I get choked up and sappy just considering trying to put into words how grateful I am for the last ten years. I'm sure actually doing so would result in the ruin of my computer, so I won't. I instead trust that you, Dear Readers, and especially you who actually know me, understand as much from the way I talk about her.

Here's a visual aid, in case you need it or would like to kill four minutes drinking in the wonder that is Melissa. I figured ten years was reason enough for a photo/music** montage.

Happy Birthday, Noona! We love you!

*Anyone who suggests, implies, hints, or otherwise tries to tell me my baby sister is no longer a baby will be promptly banned from this site and my life, and then sent to Nunavut for the remainder of his or her Earthly existence.

** As noted on the YouTube page, music by Bach and Hannah Montana. The latter because Melissa is obsessed and the song reminds me of her. The former because I need to preserve my street cred.

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Dad said...

Time you told your dear readers about OENCH.