Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's the Little Things...

The 8th graders and their teachers are on a field trip this afternoon. Somehow, in the shuffle, I ended up with two extra free periods and no classes to cover. This is, to any teacher, a gleeful little surprise akin to finding an actual diamond in a box of Cracker Jack.

The 6th graders I usually have are in with another teacher right now, along with the other half of the 6th graders. I popped my head in to make sure said teacher was aware that I was ready to take them.

I'm all set to take them. Feel free to keep them if you've got them working on something, though, I was just going to have them prep for the academic competitions.
6th graders I'm supposed to have: (ALL throw up their arms like babies desperate to get out of their crib) Miss C.! Take us with you, Miss C.!! PLEASE take us! Miiiiiiiiiiss Ciiiiiiiiiis-neeeeeeeeer-ooooooooooooos!
Esteemed Colleague: Makes no difference to me. They can keep doing what they're doing.
6th graders I'm supposed to have: (Collective cries and sighs of despair)
6th graders I wouldn't have now anyway: Ha ha!

So here I am, celebrating Mardi Gras by sitting in my empty classroom, blogging and stuffing my face with Snickers (I take my para-church holidays seriously). In a little taste of a real New Orleans Mardi gras, I'm also wearing a neck-full of beads and nursing an cranial injury from a favor thrown from a float (made from a Radio Flyer wagon). If I have to work on Mardi Gras, the least I can do is live the spirit.

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