Monday, February 11, 2008

The Delaware One Expired...

...So I got a new one.


Chris Lund said...

Thats extremely sad. It's cool that you have a new one; but I kind of feel like a piece of me died with your delaware ID.

Anywho, how are ya sis? Have I told you that I miss you? I do I do.

Chris Lund said...

I have another comment, not about the ID thing this time; but I'm putting it on this post so you don't miss it *grins*

I apologize for not having read your blog in a while, I'm a busy man. I did, however, just read your bit about Obama (I skipped the rodeo post), and can now proceed to sincerely say I'm sorry I haven't read your blog recently. Sis, I truly miss your style of intelligent criticism. You may not enjoy or follow politics, but you certainly hit the nail on the head with Barack. He's nothing but a bunch of talk. Don't get me started on the "yes we can" thing. It's nothing but a few catchy inspirational words, artsy camera work, and celebrities who endorse him because he believes Operation Iraqi Freedom (and the entire war on terror for that matter) were unjustified and should never have been undertaken; and hollywood loves that crap.

The truth is: yes, he is very charismatic. He inspires hope and is extremely effective at inducing rhythmic chanting; but few of his supporters know anything about his accomplishments. And frankly, I can't blame them. Why would you want to know about a Senator who voted against millions of dollars for gulf hurricane victims and emergency aid for struggling American farmers? Why would you want to know your candidate voted against implementing the Homeland Security recommendations of the 9/11 commission and increasing spending for American troop's body armor in the middle of a freaking war? Why would you want to know all this when he's so damn charismatic and making such sweet promises about America's future?

It's scary, he's scary, and (in case you didn't notice) i'm not a fan.

supermanz said...

woah. Kinda makes it seem more real, or permanent. Kinda makes you seem really ridiculously far away.

good thing I'm going to see you in less than a week!