Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let Us Not Offend the Venutians

Dear Readers, you might have gather by now that I am quite fond of my school, and along with that all the little traditions we have here.
That established, and in no way tarnished by what follows, there are a couple things that make me tilt my head and go, "Huh?"
Every morning, the whole school gathers for prayer.  We say a Pledge to the Cross:
Hail, Holy Cross, Brighter than the stars,
Thy name is honorable upon the Earth.
I pledge my loyalty to King eternal, immortal, and invincible.
To the only God, the honor and glory, now and forever.
We pledge allegiance to the American flag:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands:
One nation under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all
God bless America
I pleadge allegiance to thee, Texas
One state under God; one and indivisable.
God bless Texas.
And finally we pledge -- to the Earth?
I pledge allegiance to the world
To cherish every living thing,
To care for earth and sea and air,
With peace and freedom everywhere
I hope it goes without saying I like the world.  I do try to take care of it, and I intend to stay here.  From day one I have wondered, though: to whom or what else would we pledge?  Jupiter?
And what if we have some Martians or Plutonians out there? I hate to think we're making them uncomfortable (Plutonians are already upset with us, I'm sure, since we deplanetized them).


Bec said...

you're weird.
love you.

Chris Lund said...

I remember when Pluto was a planet.

The Plutonians will simply have to deal. In this world, we don't have freedom of planitary citizenship. If you don't like pledging allegiance to the earth everyday, then you may pack your bags. Lots of luck too; I hear the education system on pluto is really suffering since their deplanetization.

Dad said...

Time for a new example of theophany.

Anonymous said...

I think while you're at it you should pledge allegiance to Hugh Laurie. Do I really need to explain why? Good.