Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Conversations

A 5th grader has taken to calling me "mom".  I pull hims aside during lunch.
Me: Listen, you can't call me mom.  It's inappropriate for a number of reasons.
5th grader: Like what?
Me: Well, I'm not your mom, for one.  More important, my name, as far as you're concerned, is Miss Cinseors.  That's it.
5th grader: How about aunt?
Me: No.
5th grader: Cuz?
Me: even more no.
5th grader: Aw, come on, chief.
An 8th grader is drumming on his desk.  I stare at him until he realizes I'm staring at him.
Other 8th grader: Why are you making African music?
Drummer: That's what I do when I have to pee.
Is it May 28th yet?


Dad said...

Sweet Savannah! That is SOOOOOO funny! Sounds like something your twin would say. He recently called your MaMa "Calvert County."

Chris Lund said...