Monday, May 12, 2008

Further Signs We're Ready to be Done

During drama practice...
5th grade student #1: She ate glue!
Me: (Incredulous, dismayed stare)
5th grade student #2, aka Paste Eater, with a perfectly unaffected gaze: It's not bad.


Joe said...


That episode brought me back to a scene in First Grade.


Mrs. Griffin - The 'cool' first grade teacher. Young, new to the profession. Genuinely loving of every one of her charges (you can tell I have warm, fuzzy memories)

Matt - childhood friend, even though he used to always put tacks on my seat ... 'nother story

Mrs. Griffin's first grade classroom. Children talking loudly and, well, being first graders

Mrs Griffin: (shouting at the top of her lungs) I AM ABOUT TO BLOW MY TOP!!!

Matt: (jumping out of his seat, grabbing a jug of paste and handing it to Mrs. Griffin) Here you go.

Mrs. Griffin: (looking very frustrated, annoyed and now confused): What is this for???

Matt: You said you were going to blow your top. You'll need that to put it back on...

Mrs. Griffin: (using every muscle in her body to keep from smiling) Get back in your seat!!!!

Andie said...


Just about every day, some kid does something I don't want to smile at, but I can't help it.

Joe said...

Perhaps reciting a bit of scripture would help:

"And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)

Someday, all of those episodes will be cherished diamonds.