Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Pentecost!

I love Pentecost. I would go into it, but I lack the time, eloquence, and education to do it justice.

I will mention I was confirmed on Pentecost four years ago, and May 3oth, 2004, holds the #1 spot on my "List of Big Important Days in My Life", and will hold it for a long time.

Father told this story at mass this morning (paraphrased as nearly as I can recall):
"I was at my second assignment, as pastor of a church in Indiana, and one day I looked out the window of the rectory and the church was on fire. I ran out, I was going to get the Blessed Sacrament, and right as I got to the door the first two rows of windows blew out. The sound, it was incredible, this great whoosh, and I thought, 'Wow.' And this might sound odd, but I think the Holy Spirit burned that church down, because that parish was divided but that fire forced them together. They rebuilt the church and were stronger than ever."
The Holy Spirit is awesome.

Happy Birthday, Church!


Chris Lund said...

I remember the day you were confirmed . Eh... thats all really. Just remember it. Like... I was there. We're like friends and stuff.


Oh by the way, I'm in San Diego. Get over here.

Andie said...

Dude, I would love to. Remember that time we got lost for like 2 hours?

But your timing is terrible. I'll be out that way in August. :-\