Friday, May 23, 2008

The Show!

I suddenly realize that, although I've written about the flowers I got following the show, I never wrote about the show itself.  In short, it was fantastic.  Rehearsals were touch and go for a while, and the day of the show they still didn't have everything memorized, but they turned "it" on, whatever "it" was, and pulled off a wonderful performance. 
After the curtain call, the kids dragged me out from backstage and clapped for me.  I laughed and theatrically flicked a tear from my eye, but I really was within an inch of crying.  I've scarcely been prouder -- not of myself, mind you, of the kids.
The pictures were taken by one of our awesome parents.  I'll post a few of my own when I have a break.  Which will be... well, not in the foreseeable future (Most of the last ten entries have been via either cell phone or e-mail), but I've not given up faith in the existence of free time!

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