Friday, May 23, 2008

The Aforementioned Flowers

...were thrust in my face this morning by a 5th grader who, on an almost daily basis, drives me to the edge of my endurance (twice a day since he joined drama).  The problem with this kid is he's too darn funny and he knows it.  Most of the time when he should be in his seat, he's running around making it terribly difficult for me not to laugh.  I think he has a Napoleon complex -- he's a year older and two inches shorter than my teeny sister.
So, this morning, when those delightful sunflowers and daisies abruptly blotted out my field of vision, I was both taken aback and not at all surprised to find his arm at the end of the stems.
"Here, Miss."
"These are beautiful!  Thank you so much."
"Miss, on the card, what I wrote, my mom made me put 'love'.  She said it would be cute."  Clearly, he did not think it was cute.  "Just so you know."
I sighed, and laughed, as I usually do with this boy.  "Alright."  He skittered away.
Ms. C.,
Thank you for helping me practice my lines and do good in the show.  I know I give you headahces sometimes, but we alays have fun.  You are a great teacher and I'll miss you.
White King
I showed my partner teacher, who laughed out loud.  "Ain't that the truth."  She picked a petal off a sunflower.  "That's why they pay us the big bucks."

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That's sweet!