Thursday, December 6, 2007

People Parody Themselves

I'm endlessly baffled by people who react to some stranger's opinion with such venom, you'd think the former had told the latter there is no Santa Clause. What's funny is how often such rancorous folk will prove the very point being made by the offender. Case in point: this article by Melanie McDonagh has some interesting things to say about the idea that Catholic-bashing is the new frontier in prejudice and blind hatred. The very first comment following the article reads:


anti-semitism is a *racist* vilification, the jew is hated because of what they are *born* as, not because of what they choose to beleive.

a catholic could easily leave the dark ages and follow a more enlightened philosophy (one that does not hate women, regarding them as so inferior they are not even allowed to be initiated into the 'secrets', to become members of the priesthood, or one that does not beleive that absolute power should be given to someone chosen by a small and select group, ie is not profoundly anti-democratic, one that believes not that Man is here to abuse and rape the Earth as we see fit but are guardians of Her for future generations and other species, one that is not so insane as to beleive in armageddon and all the other apocalyptic BS the catholic Empire and all (most) of the other so-called 'christian' stand for.)

why do people vilify the Church? Because it deserves it. Simple as that. And NOTHING comparable to anti-semitism.

Seriously? I'm really asking, is this for real? I could swear it's a parody of what McDonagh is talking about. It's hyperbolic, caustic, and utterly free of any facts of history or church teaching -- we shall leave alone the weak writing and shaky mechanics.
On the upside, I know better and you know better, and whatever such angry personages may say, I will rest contently in the knowledge that not only am I right and they're wrong :wink:, but I am also a much better writer.

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