Sunday, December 9, 2007

"I Really Hate That Man"

Happy birthday to this kid, who is stinkin' 19 today.

In my short but eventful life, there is only a handful of people who have "been there" for all of it. Alex and I share the same roots and the same history, and as much as we're at each other's throats (which is hardly ever anymore! Except where we're actually in the same state. Then it's a little worse, but still it's... not constant. Well... we do sleep sometimes. We don't fight then.), that bond runs deep and strong. I can't picture my life without my brother in it (so really, all those times I tried to kill him aren't that bad, because I didn't mean it).

Besides, he is one of two people who can quote movies as well as I can. Which is pretty impressive, trust me.

Happy birthday, Light Bright!

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Dad said...

Great opportunity to bring up something I've been carrying around for a few weeks. You blamed Alex for the way Jurassic Park has affected your life. Then I remembered it was YOU I took to the theater to see that movie. As I recall (and my recall is not what it was), you took chunks of flesh off my arm. Alex saw it on video, and often hiding around a corner. "Shoot her! Shoooot heeerrrrrr!"