Thursday, December 27, 2007


I lived in Delaware for five years, which is sort of the longest I've ever lived anywhere (sort of -- I lived in western Washington state for five and a half years but went to four schools, which for a kid is more or less the same as moving cross country), and University of Delaware took and will forever hold the title of the school I went to the longest. Yet, somehow, I hold no particular affection for the First State. At all. I enjoyed it while I was there, especially Newark, but I don't get nostalgic about it.

I do, however, get quite nostalgic for the people in Delaware. Them, I miss. Lots. Tomorrow, I venture back to Newark for the first time since (I think) early August, which is the longest I've been away from Delaware since I moved there five and a half years ago. I'm excited, and anticipating weirdness.

Conveniently, Dad forwarded me this clever clip today. I got a hearty laugh from it, since I'm familiar with almost all of the things mentioned within. Then I got a little depressed that I lived in Delaware long enough for that to happen. Then I did the glass half full thing and was glad about that, since that's how I met all those awesome people.

Delaware deserves more credit than I give it. Well... no, it doesn't, but the people who live in Delaware deserve more credit than I can begin to get across. Those people are the living, breathing reason I'm all churchy and stuff now.

Anyway, video:

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