Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let the Flame Go!

No that anyone asked me, but I agree with this guy:
A symbol like that, carried by young people who want to deliver a message of peace, should be allowed to pass.
-Henri Serandour, head of the French Olympic Committee, after Paris's Olympic torch relay was disrupted Monday by Free Tibet demonstrations
I'm not what you could call "pro China" or anything, but the Olympic flame is not a symbol of China.  I think it's a darned shame to put the thing out when it not only has nothing to do with any of China's questionable (to put it lightly) policies, it stands for ideals that might, in the long run, have something to do with fixing that situation.
The Olympics are, of course, focused on competition, but I have always loved all that "coming together" business.  It's just so lovely and noble and stuff.  Contrary-wise*, I understand wanting to boycott, or something along those lines, which would be more effective and less "random jerk with an agenda" than dousing the flame, ya know?
And that's my learned opinion on that.
*rehearsals for Looking Glass Land are getting to me...


Chris Lund said...

I go one day without checking this darn thing and you publish six posts.

Sweet mercy, dear sister, you are one intense blogger.

As for the Chinese... actually, no I really have nothing to say about them. I think I'll leave it at this: *Insert led-based paint joke*


Andie said...

The little posts like the bunch I did today take me about thirty seconds. It's the stuff I actually think about that takes time (and which, if you look carefully, I haven't posted in a while).

I'm not obsessed. I swear.