Monday, April 14, 2008

Benny Says Hello

I've fallen behind in my blog reading (450+ unread posts when I sat down a little while ago), and somehow missed this video.

Watching this fills me with a sudden and enlivening excitement. I've been so preoccupied by preparing my plans, etc., for my prolonged absence, I hadn't stopped to consider that I'll be seeing the Holy Father in a mater of days. Slightly more than twenty four hours from now, I'll touch down at BWI, and about 36 hours later I'll see the man in person.


And yes, he is "only a man", but so is my dad. That doesn't make him any less important to me, and I am close to speechless about seeing the Vicar of Christ in the same physical space with me.

I am compelled, at this moment, to express my deep gratitude for this chance. It seems every passing day shows me to be even more fortunate than I had realized myself to be, when I have done exactly nothing to deserve it.

So, thanks, for everything.

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