Friday, April 4, 2008

Bloggy Friends

I think it's time to introduce some of my bloggosphere friends. One of the wonders of the internet age is how you can keep up with close friends from 1,200 miles away through blogs, and conversely can make friends through blogs, so that when you meet in real life you already have things to talk about. Brilliant!

  • Chris, master of Cynical Romanticism, who I have pretty much always called Topher and often call Brother (which throws people way off, and I love it). He's a sophomore at Catholic U, and is among the smartest and freakin' funniest people I've ever known. I am as proud of him as a blood sister would be. He's just getting back into the blog thing after a long absence.
  • Brittany (not Britney), is Casting Out into the Deep as a "pre-nun" with the sisters out in California (for now). I stumbled across her blog some months ago, started stalking her, and ended up sharing a room with her when I went out to the Religious Ed Congress in February. She's smart and sassy.
  • Paul of Alive and Young. Paul moved to Delaware during my senior year at the University. He's a Southern boy who makes sweet potatoes the same way my mama does (but, sorry, not as good as my Mama does!). He, too, is smart and witty. (I see a theme...)
  • Joe, the Journeyman Carpenter, who I haven't ever met, but who often leaves generous comments here. He seems to be posting to his blog more often, and I hope he continues!

All these folks comment with some frequency -- thank you!

The rest of you: jump in the game! I don't bite, I swear. ;-)


Brittany said...

Omgosh, so that was you outside of my window! I KNEW I had a stalker!!

Paul Cat said...

Your mom and I are gonna have to have a sweet potato throw-down one day.

PS. I've been hearing rumors that you are in ACE. COngradulations. There is a couple of Louisiana ACE houses. I used to hang out with some of the ACErs in Baton ROuge when I was at LSU.

Joe said...

Awww.... How Cool!

Thanks, friend.

Since I am pretty sure you are the only one reading my blog, I am glad to hear that you enjoy what you are reading



supermanz said...

way to not give me a shout out. I comment quite a bit, whatevs Wilson