Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Live, Dear Readers

...but the frustration of your narrator mounts. While I thought I had solved the photo-posting problem, Blogger tells me otherwise. Thus, image posting remains limited for the time being.
Fortuneatly, the picture I managed to get up is a cute one.

Anyway, things otherwise are going well -- of course, it's hard for things to go badly when your daily routine is made up of movies, eating, more movies, vacation Bible school, and more eating.

Vacaciones con Jesus started Monday. Fabian is in his third year and so was ready to jump in. Charlie, surprisingly enough, also dove right in. Melissa was rather put off at first, not believeing us when we promised her teachers and classmates would indeed speak English, but instantly feeling better when she heard it for herself.

In other news, I've developed a significant intellectual preoccupation with this blog, run by one Fr. Z (as he's known in the blogosphere). Actually, sometime in February I developed a certifiable obsession with Catholic blogs in general (see side bar for a mere sampling of the blogs I read daily), but this may be my favorite.

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