Sunday, July 15, 2007

Consider Yourslves Tided

The Wild Cisneri have actually been pretty busy the last few days, limiting the eldest's time for blogging. In my next real update (and/or the ones following it), you can expect, dear readers:

* Drive-in movie watching
* Orange County Fair-going
* In and Out Burger shenaniganing
* Newport Beach bumming, take 2
* Ginormously awesome pictures (it's a real word now, remember?)

Until then, a story from today’s trip to the fair: We entered the livestock zone, specifically the goat tent, and at once found our olfactory senses beaten upon by the very natural smells that accompany things like goats and cows (who happened to be next door). Alex and I instantly look at each other and, without any cuing and in unison, say, "What an incredible smell you've discovered!"

Be proud, Daddy. Be very proud.

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