Friday, July 6, 2007

Bettering the World, One Eighties Homage at a Time

Tell me this isn't an awesome first dance. I dare you. I feel it's made all the better by the fact that these folks are British.

In other, more practical news, something is keeping me from uploading pictures directly to Blogger from my dear tia's computer. I did find an alternate way of posting (loading to another site and linking), but it's time consuming and so I'm looking for a way to just fix the Blogger issue. If I can't find one by tomorrow, I'll give up and bring you pictures via the slow method.


Dad said...

Let's connect the dots. Patrick Swayze hit on your MaMa when she was in high school and he was filiming "North and South" near her hometown.

Dad said...

I meant "filming" not "filiming." Filiming, of course, is the painful process of attaching--by hand--tungsten filaments to the wires inside a light bulb.

One too many filiming sessions sent Watson over the edge. Poor bastard ended his days living in an old folks home, feeding a mouse in a barn, trying desperately to teach him how to do filiming in tiny automotive bulbs.