Monday, July 30, 2007


Alex, Melissa, and I have been watching this over and over for a couple days. We find it hysterical and are now reciting it amongst ourselves, much to our parents' sadness.

I got it from, of all things, a certain Catholic uber-blogger named Mark Shea at Catholic and Enjoying It. If he checks the sites that link back to his, I suspect he'll be pretty bemused to discover this is what I got from him and am sharing with the world (that's assuming, of course, anyone with a life not directly linked to mine cares about this to begin with). Dear readers, if you will follow the posted link, you will see for yourselves that Catholic and Enjoying It* is far more substantial than this post indicates.

*This raises an interesting question of mechanics: how do you format blog titles? I would assume they follow the general rule , that being of italics if it "holds stuff" and quotes if it is "held" applies(example: Theophany All Over, "Gratuitous"). The problem, as with most things linguistic, is that those rules are not written in stone. I had different, respectable and reliable, professors of English tell me eight different things in college, and I bet the Bedford Handbook and Strunk and White have different opinions on a lot of it. Of course, Strunk and White have fallen out of favor in some circles... but all of this is another (boring) post.

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