Sunday, January 11, 2009

True Tales of Classroom Triumph and Terror

Two stories from two of my roommates. The first was related by an 8th grade language arts teacher.

Teacher: (aloud, at the end of her rope) Lord, please give me patience!
Student: (raises hand)
Teacher: (hopeful) Yes?
Student: Ma'am, did you know when you pray for something like patience, God doesn't give you patience, He gives you an opportunity to be patient. So right now, He's answering your prayer.
Teacher: (flabbergasted)

And tonight, as she grades geography quizzes, my 3rd grade roommate cried out, both incredulously and triumphantly:

"They DO know where the equator is!"

There's no job quite like teaching.

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Lindsay said...

I heard a news story once about a social studies textbook recall due to their positioning the equator through the southern United States, among other things, so those kids really are on top of their game. :o)