Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Best Friend is Amazing

I need to brag a little bit.

My best friend, Becca, is in L.A. this year working at a Christo Rey school with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. She's far and away the most genuine, sincere, loving person I've ever met who wasn't already a nun or still a small child. I often wish I could be a tenth as earnest as she is.

She's got a bunch of her kids runing the L.A. marathon (yes, she's also insane). The local NBC affiliate did a story on her and her runners. Not gonna lie, I cried a little.

Everyone should comment on how awesome Becca is. Aaand, GO!


Anonymous said...

Obviously I agree that our dear Beccaboo is amazing :) I'm so proud. And I also love that I am partially in that picture, one of my favs

Andie said...

You would find a way to make this about you, Manz. It's alright, though, even your voluminous ego can't blot out the Becca amazingness.

Tony said...

I know that B-face is amazing without even watching the video. But maybe I should watch it and reform my opinion ;-)

Tony said...

...and I was write. She's pretty darn amazing :-) Thanks for the post, Andie.

mandy said...

you were write, tony? really?

becca is definitely amazing!! thank you for sharing this so i can go yell at her about how proud of her i am.

for the record... youre pretty amazing too.

i miss you both. tons. ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Donut is awesome.

2. She's crazy for running with no one chasing her with intent to injure or kill.

3. When can we formalize the adoption?

4. Is that Mark's hairy arm in the picture?

Andie said...

Tonilicious and Mandinator: You two continue to make my life worth living. Thank you.

1. My point precisely!
2. Agreed, and yet it's pretty darn impressive.
3. She's well into her 23rd year, Dad. I think it's a little late to formally adopt her. I'm more upset about that than you are. Besides, she has a nose ring now, I'm not sure you'd want her anymore.
4. It is indeed. He'll be glad you noticed the hair.