Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kickin' It Old School

I realized I have about 7,500 pictures on my computer.

Holy. Heck.

Well, they have to go somewhere, and what else is a blog for if not a little intellectual self-indulgence?

So, I'm going to attempt to bring back the quasi-daily photo. We all know I haven't been terribly consistent lately, but I think I can handle a picture and a caption. If I miss a couple days, may my detractors enjoy puffing up with satisfaction.

Let's start at the very beginning of the addiction I've prattled on about at length this week. Below is a scan of one of the very first pictures I ever took and thought, "Hey, that's kinda cool". My brother Alex, sitting on a fence at a rest stop somewhere in... well, I'm not sure where. Probably Washington, since I know we were with our mom. This would be... 2000-ish. Yeah.

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