Friday, September 26, 2008

An Odd Nostalgia

Back to those pictures Dad sent me.

A long time ago, I noticed an odd phenomenon with my littlest brother and sister. However much I adore them in their present form -- and I do, my friends, roommates, students, and vague acquaintances get rather sick of hearing my endless stories of how stinkin' funny and brilliant they are -- there are times when I look at them in their ten and eight year old bodies and think, "I miss baby you".

I think parents can relate to this, and other way-bigger siblings. I am by no means as important in Melissa and Charlie's lives as our parents are, but because of our significant age gap (about thirteen and fifteen years, respectively), I have always been more of a caretaker than the typical older sister (like I was for Alex, who is only four year behind me). Along with that, I clearly and distinctly remember loving the ever-living daylights out of them from the moment I saw them, especially when they smiled at me like that or drove me up the wall by repeatedly sitting on the dishwasher when I was trying to load it and laughing at me when I yelled at them.

They were other, different individuals then. Both of them have always been busting with their own personalities, and they still blow me over daily, but when they were babies there was just something... different. Almost magical, if you'll excuse the sap. Maybe they were just unbearably cute.

And now they're big, and smart-mouthed, and clever as all get out, and I am more glad every single day I have them. But there are moments, not at all uncommon, when I wish I could rewind them and have them be the teeny little pudge balls they once were, mischief and glee and pure life flying like sparks from a sparkler from their eyes and laughs.


Tony said...

Amen! (I wish my hacking words together sounded that deep and profound ;-) )

Lindsay said...

"Aww," says the D.C. girl, "I miss those ugly brown octagonal Metro station tiles."

The Outsider said...

I always said Melissa and Charlie had three parents. Our friends, who were reproducing at an alarming rate in those days, often demanded, "Where's our Andie? How come we don't get an Andie?"

BTW, we are amending our wills so if MaMa ever carries through with the whole murder-suicide thing, you get these two former pudge balls.

Andie said...

Dad! That is the most wildly inappropriate way of breaking that news to me I could possibly imagine. "BTW"? "Murder-suicide"? In a blog comment??

You're utterly insane.