Monday, September 22, 2008

Going to the Mattresses

Our school is attached to a parish, and so my classroom is used for CCD over the weekend.


Two Mondays in a row now, I have come in to find the room's AC on full blast (I turn it off before I leave for the weekend) and my desks totally out of order.

Not. Fine.

Those not in the teaching profession may not fully appreciate this, but especially in the middle grades, order is everything. Even if my lesson is abysmally ineffective (can't win 'em all), if I can keep order I consider the day a success. My desks are the way they are for a reason. Were I to let my 7th graders walk into the room as it was when I walked in, chaos and confusion would erupt. So I was obliged to spend ten minutes putting my desks back (while I lost feeling in my hands because the air was so cold).

I'm not taking this lying down. This Friday, before I leave, I will write them a note.

Yup. I mean business.


Lindsay said...

TCB, Andie C.

Also, there's a typo at the very beginning. You'll see it.

The Outsider said...

Inconsiderate twerps!

Andie said...

Lindsay: Fixed! Thanks. :)

Daddy: My thoughts exactly.

Paul Cat said...

You tell 'em. Also, I like the new header.

Andie said...

Paul: Thanks, I was rather pleased with myself. I used GIMP, by the way, which I found about from you (so thanks again).

BC Spice said...

Uh...sigh. I hear you LC! We teachers gotta stick together! ;) Tell me why I only get my room vacuumed once a WEEK! I have 150 monsters shuffling in and out every room looks disastrous! :[ So I spend my first period! a good 20 minutes cuz I have two classrooms now. GRR!