Monday, August 27, 2007

I Fooled 'Em All!

This has been my victory cheer in the months since I passed student teaching, graduated, and got a job (and not any job, but a position that demands a certain level of "decent human being" behavior). Clearly, none of the people involved in permitting any of those things actually knew what they were allowing.

That sly chuckle can now be extended to my students (all 99-100 of them, for whom I am entirely responsible without the over-the shoulder look of a professor or the net of a co-op to hand them back to), who have actually stayed in class and listened to me for an entire week. Not only that, when they see me around the halls and playground, they wave excitedly, which suggests they at least kind of like me.

Oh, how innocent children are.

Seriously, the kids at St. John Bosco are wonderful and the first week of teaching went remarkably well. One down, 35 to go...

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