Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Family and Friends - Revisited

I tried to get online to post tonight but for whatever reason couldnt log on. Im in san antonio and quite well, excepting the sharp pangs of home sickness - which i actually hope never go away completely, because what would be the point of having them in the first place if they stop? Anyway, thats far too much philosophy for a post via text message. [Paragraph] This past week was in-service. I have all manner of adventures to relate about that, especially where my lack of room, over abundance of room, and (possible) settling of room are concerned. The rest of the teachers are fantastically helpful, and the sisters are remarkably giving - and Jesus and Mary still glow at me when I sleep, just like in June, only now they are joined by the rabbit Fish gave me and Charlie`s balloon. More on all of that when blogger decides to cooperate. For now, my thumb is worn out.

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