Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Question #19

Graded my Juniors' Great Gatsby tests all day. I put one funny question on all my tests because it makes grading 63 of them bearable. Question 19 was:
Miss C. is remarkably intelligent.

with the option to correct false statements (a lot of my kids wrote in even though they answered "true"). The standouts:
  • Not only is she intelligent, she’s stunningly beautiful.
  • If she gives me an A. Psyche! Just kidding. What a fatuous comment.
  • (No response) I would have t get to know you better to make a conclusion.
  • What kind of question is this? Honestly. It has nothing to do with the Great Gatsby. Was this just a moment of random boredness? Well I said you were smart. Happy now.
  • And a super-nerd which is awesome. ROFL copter goes woosh x3 (the rolling on the floor laughing copter is an instant messanger thing I never understood)
  • (Emphatic circling of false) Just kidding! True.
  • Miss C. is amazingly fan-friggen-tastically intelligent. She makes Albert Einstein tremble in his grave
  • She’s a stright up gnarcore teacher. She is hXc intelligent and that’s my word.
  • She does dumb things and isn’t the most intelligent (student's score: 64%)
  • She thinks global warming is real. What a nut case. (I never said that.)
  • She is taking a job that doesn’t pay. But she is remarkably awesome.
  • Miss C. is not only remarkably intelligent, she is also wise, talented, reserved, and master of sculpting young scholars’ minds. A.K.A. Beast of the Teach
  • I am afraid to say false because you might mark me wrong.
What do you say to that?

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