Saturday, May 5, 2007

I Got It!!

An excerpt (I added the links):
Dear Andrea,
Thank you so much for sending your application. We have reviewed it. Your essay answers show depth, commitment, and very worthwhile values. The Lord has blessed you abundantly and it is wonderful that you wish to share your blessings with others. We are delighted that you chose VIDES.
CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to VIDES+USA Formation/Service Camp!
We are ready to receive you with a TEXAS-SIZE WELCOME!!!
I just got home (yes, at 4 a.m. -- I am in college after all) and checked my e-mail, and I'm pretty upset right now that no one is awake because after I started breathing again I wanted to run screaming into Becca and Meghan's rooms to tell them the news, and call my parents to tell them, and start calling all my friends. However, it's 4:30 and not a good time to be screaming about anything. I did call the friend I was with until about an hour ago, which was great, but I'd really like to do some roof-top shouting right now.

I can't believe it. I'm so excited! I feel like I used to at Christmas, my little heart is ready to burst!

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