Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Two friends of mine got married this past Saturday. They met in college through the Oratory (the place I've probably spent half of my waking hours as a student), started dating after a Habitat for Humanity spring break trip, and got married in the same church he had his first Communion at. Kevin and Carol Ann are truly two of the nicest and most genuine people I've had the pleasure of knowing, and it was an honor to be present for their wedding.
Almost as much of an honor was being with the hoard of Oratoryites who have come through UD over the years.
About three generations of Oratorians.

At the very end of the reception, right before the bride and groom skipped out -- and I will readily admit the cheese of this, but maintain that all the cheese in the world did not detract from the poignancy of it for me -- the DJ played "In My Life" by the Beattles. Being at a wedding, being a graduating senior (and, by virtue of that, being of a reflective mindset to begin with), being surrounded by friends, and being a sap, it was a rather sentimental moment. It occurred to me, as I stood in an arm-twined-and-swaying-out-of-time circle, that the rate of awesome people in my life is really pretty ridiculous. Especially over the last four years, the stream of remarkable people to come into my life has been constant.

It's sentimental, I know, but at the same time it's authentically amazing. These people who defined my college experience also helped me define myself. I don't know why I'm so lucky, but I hope it's clear how grateful I am.

I mean, if nothing else, what are the odds I would meet so many people willing to join me in this foolishness:

Or better yet, people willing to be photographed doing this:
"Yeah, you shook me aaaaaall niiiiiiight looong..."

Actually, I don't know if they know that picture exists. Or that I have it. Or that I'm posting it.

The point, dear readers, is that I am blessed, and I will carry these hearts with mine for many a year to come.

*None of the above pictures are mine, by the way. This is a departure from my usual policy, but my digital has more or less kicked it. But that is another story for another post.

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