Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I Leave Gchat Open

My sister is home sick and it's my planning period.  This gchat conversation just happened.

: lol
12:03 PM omm that was HIlarious!
 me: figured you'd like that :)
  On a scale of one to "Uggggggghhhhh gross blaaaaah", how are you feeling?
12:04 PM Melissa: pretty good. just coughish
  btw, omm is oh my meatballs
12:05 PM me: i thought it was a typo
  wait, why would anyone say oh my meatballs???
 Melissa: 'gosh' is just used to death. + i <3 meatballs
12:06 PM me: did you invent this phrase?
 Melissa: yes.
 me: Of course.
 Melissa: XD


Siné said...

Oh my meatballs? That is hilarious! You leave GChat open for that; my husband leaves it open because he forgot to bring his phone to work and he has a super pregnant wife.

Andie said...

Ish arguably has a better reason than I do.

Mama said...

You'll have to ask her about her fear of "cloud burn."