Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Look Back, a Little Early

Just like last year, here's a photographic, slightly epileptic, look back at this year for me. Highlights:
  • My 2nd VIDES formation camp, this time having a clue
  • My 2nd semester teaching, still without a clue
  • The St. Vitus Fools, our drama club, and our production of "Looking Glass Land, which was a sucess largely because no one could tell none of us had a clue.
  • More nuns, all indescribably wonderful.
  • Leaving the nuns, with a full heart and some tears...
  • ...and arriving at Notre Dame to start ACE...
  • ...where I met some of the most incredible people ever, and certainly the heaviest concentration of awesome I've encountered yet
  • My second convent full of community mates, this time unconsecrated my own age
  • My second year of teaching, with a little bit of a clue
  • And meanwhile, my family continued to be awesome and weird

Please note: There are two people who were as important in my life this year as anyone else, and more important than most, even though I only saw them once in April for a few hours each (hence the painful dearth of pictures and sinful under representation). You know who you are. This year would not have been nearly as wonderful without your constant long-distance support, laughter, and presence. Thank you. I love you more than I know how to say.

All the pictures in the movie are available here, should you be inclined to take a more leisurely look.


Romey said...

Hey Andie! This was wonderful! How did you end up creating this? What program did you use?

Andie said...

Thanks, Jer! Believe it or not, I just used the Windows Movie Maker that comes with Vista. It let's you set the default length of each clip, so I set it to .875 seconds and dropped them all in. Voila!

I hope you're having a happy New Year!